About Kingdom Fellowship
1)        To establish a network and forge a Fellowship of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Teachers,
Bishops, Elders and heads of ministry:
a.        To provide a place of brotherhood, unity and empowerment among ministry leaders of likeminded Faith.
b.        To provide a place of enrichment and education in religious affairs;
c.        To provide a safe place of inter-dependency for ministry Leaders of Like Faith; at the same time, providing
a place covenant relationship and Episcopal Covering and oversight if needed and desired.   

2)        To establish and/or maintain one or more places of worship national and international and to promote,
continue and encourage the assembly of persons, on a regular basis, for divine worship and all other religious
observances and practices.

3)         To provide a vehicle and institution for the preaching and teaching, of belief and faith in the whole council
of God the father God the son and God the Holy Ghost who is our comforter and guide.

4)        To provide for religious training

5)        To institute participate in and/or support all worthy activities and projects divinely inspired or assigned.

6)         To to train, license, ordain and consecrate people desiring to become ministers of the Faith.
Kingdom Fellowship Of International Churches and Ministries, Inc.

Bishop-elect E. Edward Robinson, II is the overseer of
the fellowship. A man with a vision to see the people of
God empowered, unified and mobilized to walk in the
purposes of God throughout the entire Earth.

Overall Bishop-Elect E. Edward Robinson, II is a servant of
God and is committed to the working of ministry, edifying of
the Body of Christ and the perfecting of the saint, with all his
might, soul and body.

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