Prophetic Word of Inspiration
Prophetic Release Feb. 2009

This is what the Father has charged me to speak globally to
the body of Christ:
"This is the year of true manifestation. It is in this year that, the
new thing which I, the Lord your God has begun in you, last
year through prophetic conception- will be brought forth. Last
year was, for many of you, a fiery year, yet there is much
cause to celebrate. For you were not going through in vain. I
commissioned the fire for a just cause, my cause, for my
purpose... The fire was sent to destroy any and everything that
was not producing fruit in your lives-it was occupying space,
yet yielding your fields desolate and barren.  This year, you
shall see that in the mist of the fire I have impregnated you
with heavenly purpose. So I say, look for the signs of
expectancy. Yet, fortify yourselves, for this year is a year of
birth, and there will be a season of labor. But when Zion
travailed, She brought forth. Be strengthen  by  my Grace, be
covered by my Mercy and be surrounded by my Love. For it is
my will to do you Good, and if you remain faithful and true,
you will see all the good things I have in stored for you.   
Prepare, prepare, prepare for this shall be a commencement
of birth, and the birth itself shall prove that I have indeed filled
you with my spirit to birth the vision I have for the Kingdom.
Don't be dismayed! Only be encouraged and of good cheer.
You have no need to prove to man, for that which is born of
you shall prove that I am with and for you.  For those who are
deceiving my bride with their false prophecies and lies for their
own gain, I will deal with them personally...give them no
attention, you stay focus on me and what I am doing in and
through you. For your birthing will prove that I am for you,
however it's a year of manifestation for the evil doers (among
my church) as well, and the secret works of their heart will be
revealed. Don't be misguided by my judgment on these gain-
seekers, for I will show them no mercy, but to you my precious
children my grace will have no end. For my sheep, know my
voice and a stranger they will not follow. Pray that true
kingdom hearted laborers will show up for service, and watch
the great and mighty things I do in the earth realm through
you my dear children".

May 2007
(this word was given in our Prayer Power Conference held at
Here ye O’ house of Kingdom Fellowship
I the lord, thy God have called you,
I have called you to the birthing place
I have called you to the birthing place
Were there will be conception and manifestation
Were I will plant the seed of righteousness in your spirits, and
you will see the manifestation of my Glory.

Here ye house of Kingdom Fellowship,
Come to the birthing place
Come to the place of intimacy  
Come beyond,
Come beyond the veil
Come into my chambers
So that I may lie with thee, that I may birth in thee
That I may release my self in thee

I have banished the spirit of barrenness to come before thee.
You shall be fruitful   and multiply  
You shall be fruitful   and multiply  
I’m not speaking in regards to the multiplicity of people;
But in regards to the increase of my spirit within the people,
Then your spirits shall be fruitful and from your spirit you shall

This shall be a house of transformation
This shall be a house where I caused men minds to be
This is a house that will call forth holiness and righteousness
This shall be a house that I will produce the fruits of
righteousness within the people, and they shall know that I am
their God, and know that I am with thee

This is the time, this is the time
This is the time to go in, this is the time to come up
This is the time to go in , this is the time to come up
Come up to the birthing place, Come up to the birthing place,
Come up to the birthing place,
Come out of your slumber and come up to the birthing place.
Come out of your slowfulness and come up to the birthing
Come out of your wants and come up to the birthing place


I call you forth, I call you forth, I call you to come I CALL YOU
chosen thee, I have chosen thee, I have chosen thee!
The people will come and be birthed, people will come and be
lifted, people will come and be made whole.

They will come and I will impregnate them with purpose. I will
impregnate them with destiny.

Come up to the place, come, come, come up to the place,
Elevate your minds, come out come out, come out of your
comfort zone
Come out come out, come out of your traditions
Come, come, come
I stretch  out my hand to invite thee to come
For no man could come unless I bid them
I called you out of your gatherings to a place of intimacy, to a
place of reproduction  
Come to the birthing place.

March 2006
God bless you my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

It is with all humility that I submit this prophetic word from the
Spirit of Truth.

To America:
Why are you testing me? You are turning into a
nation who has forsaken her God.

Your greed for yourself is manifesting in prejudices,
segregation, and open disregard for the poor and less-

You are attempting to remove me from your nation’s political
order and to save face with your barbaric allies. Your need to
not be offensive has offended me. Remember the foundations
you where built on and established for. Remember your true
core values.

If you take me out of your nation then who shall protect you?
Beware and know that judgment is coming.

Remember the Israelites, how they forgot me, attempted to
use me, and worshipped idol gods. How did I deal with them?
The same I shall deal with you. Repent and turn back unto
me. Be the leader of the nations, not in social or economic
dominance but in moral and spiritual integrity.

I will raise thee up and cause your walls not to fumble. I will be
your defense and I will bless thee. Reject my words and grow
numb to my warnings and watch my hand be removed from
you. Watch judgment be executed against you. Who shall
save you from me? Your technology cannot hide you. Your
money cannot buy me. Your words do not impress me, nor
can your intelligence negotiate with me.

If you do not heed to my call, you will see invasions from the
same nations you thought you had power over. You will see
natural disasters like never before; in biblical proportions.
Do not let it be said too late; come unto me for I bid you peace
and desire to bless you. However, I will not allow you to
misrepresent me for I will cause you be an example to the
world one way or another.

To the body of Christ assembled in the United States of
Arise my church, wake up out of your slothfulness. Wake up
out of your state of unconsciousness. It is time to seek after
the desires of my heart.

Do you not know what time it is? Do you not know the state of
your union? Have you not read the Holy Scriptures concerning
a nation that forsakes her God?

I am calling for a people not so consumed by this world and
the cares of this world that you forget my will and my bidding.

It is time to take a stand for holiness. If you allow those that
do not fear me to shape the fabric of your laws, economy, and
social classes, your country’s world status will decline as it has
already begun. The message of the Kingdom is to be
preached; salvation and the ministry of reconciliation is what
should be sought after.

It is apparent to me that this is not the overall purpose for
general population of churches in America. If you would focus
on that which concerns me (relationship, true righteousness &
holiness, that can only come from me) instead of religious
politics or church work, I can use you to fulfill my purpose in
this world.

Churches in America, remember from whence thou has fallen.
Remember from where your morality has declined. Remember
from where your standards have settled to. Remember that
which is acceptable and unacceptable.

Thus saith the Lord of host.

Know this:
You, the Body of Christ, are my Representatives in
the earth realm. When men see you, what do they see? Do
they see me, or do they see a warped distortion of religion?

Hearken unto my voice and watch me move, there will be a
revival across the nations. I will preserve your sons and
daughters from the judgment of sin and unrighteousness. I
will bless thee and raise a nation that will serve me and
forsake the sins of your fathers. I shall bring unity amongst the
brethren and use you to bring salvation and prosperity unto
the poor and forsaken nations. I will manifest in healing and
miracles that will be significantly unexplainable.
All will
know that I am your God and I have favored you!