Go`Judah Empowerment Ministries: Mission and Vision Statement
Rev. E. Edward Robinson, II, Chief Servant & Founder

1.        “The purpose of the establishment of G. E. M. Is to serve the Kingdom of God at Large; and
to Evangelize the world for Christ.”

2.        Our goal is to exemplify the Love of God to our fellow man through spiritual principals and community
outreach initiatives.

To empower the Christian believer to excel in all elements that pertains to life and

4.        Our aspiration is to aid our fellow man in resources, information and substance of every beneficial sort
in efforts to propel them into progressive and productive lives.
5.        Our vision is acquired funding for community developmental projects through several sources which
may be willing to contribute to the betterment and increase the quality of life for the continuant of our
community to provide:
 At Risk Youth Centers
i.   Youth Services
ii.   Job Referral Projects
iii.  The Elimination of Gang Violence
iv.  Literacy Programs
  Senior Citizen Centers
i.    Bible Services
ii.   Day Care Centers
iii.  Affordable Housing
    Ministry Outreach Centers
i.    Worship Services
ii.    “Y. E. S. U Can (Your Empowerment Sessions)”
iii.   Christian Counseling
d.      And any other avenue available to enhance our society.

6.        Our core values include unity, fellowship and love for mankind.

7.        It is furthermore our resolution to utilize every medium at our disposal to advance the Kingdom of God
on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Go`Judah Empowerment Ministries, Inc.
GEM's Mission Statement
Our Mission
To evangelize the
world for Christ, To
Service the Kingdom
of God at Large!  
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